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How to Eat Healthy When You Work in a Hospital

Mar 13, 2019 10:51:36 AM / by General Healthcare Resources

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March is National Nutrition Month. Now is a perfect time to evaluate your diet and determine if changes should be made. As a hospital worker, eating healthy foods all the time is a challenge. From long shifts to busy workloads, it’s common to have difficulty ensuring you have healthy foods on hand. However, there are many things you can do to eat better and have a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Tips to Eating Healthy

At first, eating healthy every day when you work in a hospital might seem overwhelming. But, with a few simple changes in your weekly lifestyle and a little bit of planning, eating healthy is actually much simpler than you think! Incorporating a few of the tips discussed below can help hospital workers make healthy decisions when it comes to their diet. 

First and foremost, the key to eating healthy is to avoid the sources that offer poor food choices. This means that you should try to stay away from convenient meal options, such as the hospital cafeteria or the fast food shop around the corner. Eating out can make it difficult to monitor your food intake, because pre-prepared foods often have added sugars or fats that serve no dietary benefit. Bringing meals or snacks from home are a better option as you know exactly what is going into those foods. If you do need to make a quick run to the cafeteria, load up on fruits and vegetables and try to avoid meals slathered in sauces or dressings.

Additionally, it is essential for hospital workers to use their days off productively. After a long workweek, heading to the grocery store can be difficult to-do. However, you’re more likely to fall into bad eating habits if you fail to stock up on healthy meals and snacks. Many hospital workers save time by making a big batch of their favorite healthy foods on their days off, and then packing the meals into smaller containers to enjoy at work.

Another streamlining tip is to formulate a healthy eating plan during your days off and stick to it. While you’re on your break or watching TV after a shift, take a little time to think about which healthy foods you need to get through the week. Having a prepared shopping list full of nutritional foods not only makes grocery shopping more efficient, but also helps you avoid picking up unhealthy foods when browsing the aisles.

Finally, try changing your mentality about diet and nutrition. Remember that as a hospital worker, you probably already encourage your patients to make healthy food choices. Practice what you preach. Not only will following through with your recommendations make you a healthier individual, but you’ll also set an example for your patients.

How Eating Healthy Can Benefit Hospital Workers

Eating healthy foods can add many benefits to your life. When you eat healthy, you’ll see an overall improvement in your general physical health and increase your chances of living a longer life. Also, a healthy diet will often lead to weight loss (or will help you maintain an ideal weight). Several studies have shown that a healthy diet can reduce the risk of a number of ailments. For example, a nutritional diet will combat the possibility of developing heart problems, help maintain gut health, and prevent various conditions including type 2 diabetes, strokes and certain kinds of cancer.

However, there are other advantages to incorporating healthy choices into your daily diet. Studies have shown that a healthy diet can improve an individual’s memory, which is beneficial to hospital workers who are always running between patients--each with their own unique set of needs or requests.

Additionally, good dietary decisions can help you maintain a positive mood. Not only does eating healthy elevate your positive state of mind in the general sense, but the compassionate and friendly energy generated by a good mood serves your relationship with your patients as well. In addition, eating healthy foods can promote better sleep and increased energy. For hospital workers who work long shifts and chaotic work schedules, this benefit is truly invaluable.

Getting into the habit of eating healthy requires some adjustments to your current routine. Over time, these changes will be easier to manage and soon enough, you’ll be making healthy dietary decisions without a second thought. Before long, you’ll start to see the benefits of healthy eating and make a positive impact on your life!

What Is National Nutrition Month?

Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes National Nutrition Month in March. This annual campaign strives to spread information about the benefits of proper nutrition, as well as educate individuals on ways to improve their eating habits. By informing the public about the advantages of making informed dietary decisions, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics hopes to encourage individuals to develop positive eating habits and lead healthier lives. 

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