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Physical Therapy Predictions for 2020

Jan 2, 2020 10:26:00 AM / by Editor

Physical therapy will continue to be a growing field with an excellent career outlook due to a rise in sedentary lifestyles, an aging population, steady growth of employment and early specialization in sports. If we look into the future of physical therapy, we see high-tech advances, a focus on big data and an increase in revenue diversification. Innovations and technology will change the industry in numerous ways. Here is a sample of what to expect in physical therapy this year.


Who doesn’t like receiving medical care from the comfort of their own home? Telemedicine, the high-tech means of accessing care remotely, is expanding. This technology allows patients in rural areas to access care that would typically be off-limits to them. Expect more physical therapy services to become available via telehealth in the coming year thanks to pro physical therapy legislation. Although physical therapy is primarily hands-on, there is still value that therapists can provide to patients.

Addressing Burnout

A high incidence of burnout exists in healthcare. The good news is that the rehab community is now addressing the topic openly, and hopefully, opportunities for change will develop. This year, you can expect the issue of therapist burnout to get more attention from a broader audience. Look for technological developments that support the work of therapists while cutting revenue losses as opposed to burning out employees by overworking them.

Big Data is Still Big

Big data will remain a focus and even expand through the use of outcomes data to show the value of the physical therapy profession. Expect to see physical therapy departments using data to enhance efficiency while promoting lean business practices. Clinics will use data to adjust their strategies, streamline operations and decrease financial waste.

Increasing Revenue Diversification

Payment rates are decreasing, so expect to see practices using more alternative revenue streams. Because physical therapists are holistic healthcare providers, they can provide services that support a patient’s overall well-being. Insurance beneficiaries, including those with Medicare, can pay out-of-pocket for wellness services allowing physical therapists to provide services, set their prices and collect their payments. Look for the development of relationships with employers as employee wellness programs are great ways to encourage big groups of people to live healthier lifestyles.

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