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Top Nursing Trends for 2020

Feb 4, 2020 9:47:00 AM / by General Healthcare Resources

In 2020, nurses with more narrow specializations will see an increase in their services, outpatient focused care and telehealth will expand, and new roles such as the nurse navigator will grow. Learn more about these 2020 trends in the nation’s largest healthcare profession.


If you are a nurse who specializes in a specific area of medicine, expect to be in high demand this year. Specialization with certification in a clinical area such as psychiatry, gerontology or obstetrics provides an excellent opportunity for career advancement. It lets patients and employers know that you are competent and skilled in your particular specialty. If you are interested in certification, check out this list of nursing specialties.

Outpatient Care

Shifting patient care from inpatient to outpatient is a significant trend in healthcare. Rising healthcare costs and improved health technology are driving this swing. The care focus is on prevention and restorative care to eliminate unnecessary visits to acute care facilities.

Continued Growth of Telehealth

Telehealth is significantly impacting patient access to health care professionals via video and phone consults, remote monitoring and electronic communication. This trend will continue to grow and expand to provide patients with health promotion, wellness checks and health education.

Expansion of the Nurse Navigator Role

Nurse navigators guide patients through their healthcare journey by using medical knowledge and management skills. They educate patients about the healthcare system and treat patients holistically to improve their overall quality of life. A nurse navigator skillfully transitions patients through the complicated world of medicine by educating the patients about their tests, diagnosis, medicine administration and other care.

Nurse Entrepreneur

The opportunities for nurses to establish businesses are growing. Nurse navigators and nurse practitioners who provide patient care are in a particularly ideal situation to benefit from this trend. Non-clinical areas such as nurse informatics and nurse consulting will have business opportunities as well. If you are a nurse who enjoys independence, this may be the ideal situation for you.

Online Education

More employers are now seeking nurses who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As a result, many academic institutions are expanding online courses and including RN to BSN degree programs. Online education is an ideal way for busy nurses to fit school into their hectic schedules. Online learning is also suitable for nurses who live in rural areas without a college or university nearby.

Looking for a Nursing Position in 2020?

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