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Nurses’ Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Nov 26, 2018 2:13:38 PM / by Amanda Verdin

Whether it is celebrated early, the day-of, or a day late, nurses love Thanksgiving and cherish traditions with their family and friends. We wanted to know what nurses’ Thanksgiving experiences were like, so we sent out a survey recently and got an overwhelming response. Here are some of the more interesting insights.

Talking Turkey with Family

Not surprisingly, nurse like to be involved in the turkey day process and make family a high priority. Our survey revealed that most nurses like to cook with family or friends as opposed to doing it all themselves, or showing up just to chow down. The more time spent with those special in their lives, the better! thankgiving crop

What’s on the Menu?

When asked what kind of meat they enjoyed on Thanksgiving, it’s no surprise that turkey was the most sought-after main dish by a landslide.

As far as favorite side dishes, it was a mixed bag. Stuffing was the most popular response followed closely by sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. After getting a second (or third) helping, nurses enjoy a variety of pies. Pumpkin was the most popular followed by pecan and sweet potato.

Full of Hot Air

During cooking and catching up with loved ones, most nurses like having The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on the TV. Football was a pretty close second while many also enjoy football. A small percentage like The National Dog Show. One that caught us off guard was that only a few nurses keep the TV off during family time.

Giving Thanks

In a word, family. When asked what they are thankful for, almost every nurse mentioned their family. Comments ranged from a simple nod to spouse and children, to beautiful write-ups on how important their family is in their lives.

Many nurses also included mention of their extended family, noting friends and pets who are of significance to them. Additionally, several said they are thankful for their health and healthcare providers.

“My family keeps me focused and happy. I bring their kindness and generosity with me to work to share with the patients I care for. I am very thankful.”

“My husband has been cancer free for two and a half years!”

“I am thankful for my family which includes nine nurses.”

Well, nurses, we are thankful for you. We hope you had a relaxing and meaningful Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones, and wish you a wonderful holiday season.


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Amanda Verdin

Written by Amanda Verdin

Amanda Verdin is the Social Media & Content Manager for GHR Healthcare. She holds a Master of Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina.