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Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Oct 9, 2018 1:58:14 PM / by Amanda Verdin

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are excellent ways to share information, network and stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. But, they can be problematic when it comes time for job searching. While looking for your next nursing job, presenting and conducting yourself with proper online etiquette is critical. Read our five tips to set you up for social success when it comes time for your job search.

Keep all profiles professional

First, and maybe more importantly, keep your profiles professional-looking. In this day and age, it’s common for hiring managers and agencies to do an immediate social search on a candidate to see what they are like. Use smiling, welcoming photos of yourself. Have cover photos that shows personality, but are appropriate and non-controversial. Avoid selfies and dramatic filters for profile pictures. Include education and work information when necessary, but don’t overshare. Social media computer

We recommend making your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages private. This is easy to do on Instagram and Twitter, but keeping your Facebook under lock takes more work. Explore Facebook privacy settings and decide what you want and don’t want the entire world to see. Remember, any post or photo with a globe beside the date are viewable to everyone. It’s good to show that you’re a real human, but your future nurse manager doesn’t need to see pictures from your trip to Australia in 2011, or a thread of cat GIFs between you and your sister.

Understand what content to share and not to share

Even if your profile is private to the general public, it can still be seen by all your friends (unless you have set up advanced privacy settings). This probably goes without saying, but don’t post information about patients or pictures/videos of patients. Even if only your friends can see your posts, remember to keep it professional at all times. You never know who on your friends list could help you, or prevent you from getting a job, so keep a clean virtual appearance.

Think of social media content like a first date. Don’t share your thoughts on politics, avoid sharing your religious views, and don’t talk down about your last or current employer. Keep your content classy and vanilla. And remember, even if you delete a post, it’s the Internet—it will be out there forever.

Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a leading employment-oriented service. Because of its popularity, it’s an extremely important tool to have in your toolbox during your job search. Most of the before mentioned tips apply to LinkedIn, but keep in mind that this platform is more professional than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is the space where you should show off your education, job experience and expertise. Avoid sharing too many personal interests and details. Make sure your current or latest job is up to date and accurately shows off your skills and experience.

Once you have your LinkedIn profile updated and are portraying your best self, use it to interact with recruiters, hospitals and facilities. We recommend downloading the LinkedIn app so you can be connected at all time with job leads. You work in a highly in-demand field, so you should not have to do too much outreach, but feel free to shoot messages to recruiters and facilities you want to work with. If you get a message for a job you are not interested in, politely respond “no thank you.” Never let a message go un-responded to.

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Research companies

It’s rare to see an organization or company not using social media one way or another. Because of this, social media can be a great platform for researching future hospitals or facilities you may work at. If you receive a job offer, or are researching potential workplaces, take some time to glance over their social spaces. This can give you a feel for their company culture and values.

Check out their reviews, too. These can give you an idea of patient and employee satisfaction. But, when it comes to reviews, take them with a grain of salt. Check out one of our past articles for more information on the pros and cons of workplace reviews. 

Use groups to your advantage

Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn can be another beneficial tool to aid you in your job search. There is a group for nearly anything and everything, so don’t be shy and join a group or two. Feel free to post and interact with other group members. But, be sure to follow that specific group’s guidelines or rules. Posting too much a day, not posting appropriate content, or sending too many friend/connection requests can get you kicked-out, especially on Facebook groups. Just like on the posts to your page, make sure the content you post and share in groups is appropriate, relevant and contains no grammatical errors.

Social media is a powerful tool to use while job searching. Remember to be professional, keep content private when appropriate, and never overshare. If used correctly, you can easily land your next job with the help of social media. Good luck on your search!

Amanda Verdin

Written by Amanda Verdin

Amanda Verdin is the Social Media & Content Manager for GHR Healthcare. She holds a Master of Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina.