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The 10 Most In-demand Healthcare Jobs in 2019

Dec 12, 2018 1:30:05 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

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One of the best aspects of working in the healthcare field is that there is continuously a demand for healthcare workers. As a registered nurse, you likely already know that your skill-set is very much in-demand. However, we thought that you might also be interested in learning about the other most in-demand healthcare jobs in 2019 as well.

With hundreds of different specialties and areas of expertise, there is always a facility that is looking for someone with particular skill sets. Check out the ten most in-demand healthcare careers in 2019.

Family Medicine

If you like the idea of working with a variety of different people and working in a general practice, family medicine might be the right fit for you. Working at a family physician practice means you are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for individuals of all ages facing a wide variety of health concerns. Whether you are simply performing a basic health check-up, or trying to find the source of a specific malady, family practitioners and their associates must have a wealth of general knowledge about the human body to either provide patients treatment or direct them to a more specialized practice. Another important aspect of family medicine is its emphasis on disease prevention and promoting the overall health of your patients. There is no limit to the types of patients you will meet and care for.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine encompasses a number of medical careers ranging from EMTs and paramedics to emergency room physicians. Regardless of the specific career you pursue in the field, healthcare professional working in emergency medicine must be prepared for a fast-paced and unpredictable work load. Emergency medicine professionals must be able to work efficiently under pressure and make split-second decisions about a patient’s treatment. Due to the fact that emergency medicine professionals are always the first to respond to a medical emergency, they are often sought out by medical facilities and will be in high demand in the upcoming year.

Physician Assistant

In the simplest terms, a physician assistant is essential to the support team behind every physician. However, the job duties are much more complex than simply support. A physician assistant might take down a patient’s medical history, perform a medical examination or evaluate a patient’s vital signs. They also might perform basic medical procedures, such as a diagnostic test or helping a physician set a broken bone. A physician assistant also bridges the gap between nurses and physicians, and shares many of the same job duties as a nurse. However, the biggest difference between a physician assistant and a nurse is that a physician assistant requires additional education and training. As a result, if you want to obtain a higher degree before entering the job market, becoming a physician assistant might be for you.

Physical Therapist

Another growing healthcare career that allows individuals to work with a wide variety of patients is physical therapy. Physical therapists have an overarching end goal of strengthening their patients’ bodies and relieving them of pain. They often work with individuals who are suffering from an injury or are recovering from surgery to help them regain mobility and strength in an afflicted area. Physical therapists also get to do a lot of hands-on therapy and work closely with their patients as they make their way through the recovery process. As a result, one of the most rewarding aspects of working in physical therapy is helping patients overcome the challenges of recovery and continue to live happy and healthy lives.


Of all of the specialties in healthcare that an individual could pursue, careers in women’s reproductive health are at the top of the in-demand list. Obstetricians provide care for expecting mothers during their pregnancy. They regulate the mother and baby’s health, deliver the baby and monitor the baby’s health in the first few days after it is born. Gynecologists specialize in general women’s’ reproductive health. Most individuals specialize in both fields, making them even more valuable in the job market. If you are passionate about women’s healthcare, consider exploring a career as a OB/GYN.

Healthcare Administrator

As a healthcare administrator, you would be responsible for managing all of the operations of a medical facility. Healthcare administrators do not work with patients, but ensure that the business operations of a hospital are running smoothly and that the healthcare staff is happy. As a result, the various duties of a healthcare administrator include managing expenses, controlling costs, overseeing human resources and ensuring that the facility remains compliant with any state or federal regulations. Healthcare administration is a rapidly evolving field – especially in light of the drastic changes occurring in medicine. As a result, the demand for individuals who can help hospitals continue to evolve is higher than ever.

Pharmacy Technicianpharm tech

Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of the pharmacist to perform a number of tasks to ensure that the pharmacy runs smoothly. The primary job of a pharmacy technician is to help assemble prescriptions for patients and provide information about that medication. Pharmacy technicians must be organized and detail-oriented to be sure that patients receive the right medication. In some circumstances, pharmacy technicians are responsible for a number of administrative tasks as well, such as managing other pharmacy staff and interacting with medication suppliers.


If you like working with children, a career in pediatrics is for you! Pediatricians are experts in child development, childhood diseases and overall child health. They evaluate a child’s behavior and development to ensure that he or she is meeting growth and development milestones. If a patient is faced with an illness, it is the pediatrician’s job to diagnose and treat that sickness. Additionally, pediatricians help educate parents about their child’s health and answer any questions they may have. Pediatricians play an exciting role in ensuring that children start off on the right foot for a long and healthy life.

Home Health Aides

As the world’s population steadily grows older, the demand for home health aides is constantly increasing. Generally, a home health aide works with patients in their own home to promote healing and ensure their overall wellbeing. Home health aides work with patients who are elderly, suffer chronic illness or are recovering from an injury. Tasks for home health aides might range from performing basic chores around the home, to preparing meals, to ensuring that the patient takes his or her medication. As a home health aid, you get the opportunity to build a strong, personal relationship with your patients, and help them gain independence and confidence as they recover.


Therapists and counselors are not just for people with serious mental health issues. In fact, the stigma of seeing a therapist has greatly decreased in the last few years as the myths around them are busted. Therapists and mental health counselors are trained to diagnose and treat cognitive, emotional, behavioral and relational issues for everyone. Their job is to help patients overcome daily struggles, help with mental disorders and to help patients reach their mental health goals. People interested in becoming a therapist can also specialize in specific conditions like ADHD or schizophrenia. Many of the people who see a therapist regularly use therapy as a way to discuss issues they otherwise could not talk about and view the time spent with their therapist as beneficial to their lives.

Healthcare salaries are steadily rising and with more and more positions available, 2019 might be a good time to start a new position at a new facility. If you’re ready to test the market, let us help! Check GHR out at to learn more.

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