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Three Great Reasons to Pursue a Career as an Acute Care Registered Nurse

Nov 25, 2019 2:11:14 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

Acute care registered nurses provide short-term treatment for severe or life-threatening injuries, illnesses and routine health problems. The ultimate goal of acute care is the restoration of health and stability for a patient. Acute care nurses work in hospitals, urgent care clinics and ambulatory surgical clinics. This career offers ample opportunities for education and career development, autonomy and workdays that continuously present new challenges.

Education and Career Growth

Healthcare is swiftly changing, and with this change comes educational and career growth opportunities for the acute care RN. As medicine evolves, the need for additional education and training increases for the acute care RN. Because of this, the healthcare industry offers various clinical ladders and leadership programs. Many facilities offer tuition reimbursement to help advance the careers of their staff.


If you like independence and opportunities to make informed and uncoerced decisions, then acute care nursing is a great career choice for you. Employees are happier when they have the chance to be autonomous in their workday. Acute care RNs are held accountable for the direct care of their patients and their treatment plans. Not only does this responsibility allow nurses to play significant roles in the treatment process, but it also gives them confidence and helps to develop leadership skills.

Diverse Workday

Are you the type of person who likes variety at work? Acute care nursing is fast-paced and full of excitement. No two days are the same in this profession. This nursing specialty provides the opportunity to care for new patients frequently. A typical shift may include administering medications, ordering and evaluating diagnostic tests, and monitoring specialized equipment.smiling nurse

A Promising Future

Employment for RNs is now projected to grow 15 percent through the year 2026. The demand will increase due to the emphasis on preventive care, the increasing rates of chronic conditions and an aging population. A career as a registered acute care nurse will give you the chance to make a difference. It is a career that provides a high level of job satisfaction and will allow you to do exciting work. Acute care nursing is a stable industry offering educational opportunities with plenty of room for career advancement. If you are starting your career as an acute care RN, take a look at what GHR can do for you.

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